News story: BXB-07 Sexy Costume Mix Battle volume.7 HQ

BXB-07 Sexy Costume Mix Battle volume.7 HQ

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BXB-07 Sexy Costume Mix Battle volume.7 HQ EP 1 - 24/04/2018

Story summary:
To depict the conflict of women’s wrestler that does not forced to go up to the ring in a radical sexy costume !! Kawana Hikaru orthodox Face, promising female wrestler future to show the imposing fight even if the male players on the opponent. Previously, masked warriors of male players fought and Kawana, would be defeated in terrible. And today was the day of the revenge match. Game is in front of, and Kawana go to take a shower. In the waiting room of Kawana that became empty appearance of intruder … it was a masked warriors of the opponent. He ring costume of Kawana, plain clothes, would stole the underwear … all her possessions. Something crowded Hori another ring costume in the locker of Kawana Instead, I go left the locker room. Then, Kawana is to free the locker trying Kigaeyo to ring costume back to the room, but have disappeared all her belongings. Even though it’s soon game, puzzled Kawana ring costume is found such not. And Kawana is, to the eye something fabric of small outfits in the locker. The first glance, it is embarrassing can not believe it comes into the game in the dough less costume … this costume is about do not know that’s Costume … Sharp V line T-back valley !! longer wearing erotic Fighting state !! Nothing to wear what is not, and Kawana is on you anyway wearing it, to compete in the game wore a jumper. However jumper does not move the body as I think in the way, Cry attack of Warrior, jumper also stripped and ends up being in costume appearance of embarrassing exposure of the fully open! Really Kawana, you can win in this is embarrassing to the game in costume wear what!? The whereabouts of !! game that extreme costume is coloring the sexy ring … !?

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