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GHKP-76 MABO-KYAN V HQ EP 1 - 26/02/2018

Story summary:

Ren, Kotomi, Honoka, Ayane, and Ranko usually spent their school life in Lingerica Academy. Five girls witness Sexy five’s great work and they organize their own team. Its name is “MAVO-KYAN V.” They transform into “MAVO-KYAN V” when their Academy face a crisis. There is a rumor that one power stone is hidden in Lingerica Academy and it has a special power to enforce human’s ability. An evil organization sneaks into the Academy to get the power stone. The organization officially contributes academic development but MAVO-KYAN V disclose their vicious plan. The organization get angry and send Stallion Mask and monsters to punish MAVO-KYAN V. They try to look for Highparon ore. MAVO-KYAN V gradually lose their identity through the organization’s persistent torture…[BAD END]

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