News story: PKF Sentry showdown I HD 720p

PKF Sentry showdown I HD 720p

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PKF Sentry showdown I HD 720p EP 1 - 18/02/2018

Story summary:

She stands, shotgun in hand, guarding the entrance. She knows the goodguys will come and try to get past her. She is confident her stunning beauty will distract them–if only for a moment, and she will kill.

He is to his first obsticle. A sexy sentry. He knows he must take her out carefully and quietly as not to alert the others. He distracts her by throwing a pebble. She looks toward the sound.

In that moment, he is almost to her when she turns. He knocks the shotgun out of her hand and wrestles the garrote around her neck. They go down to the hard floor. He keeps the garrote tight, her body on his, he feels her warmth and can taste her sultry sweat as she struggles and grinds against him.

He manages to contain his grip on the garrote with one strong hand. With the other, he explores, running his hands along her struggling body and finding her sweet spot. He rubs and fingers her pussy as he kills her. Her body reacts grinding agains his fingers. Her face tells a different story, struggling violently against the wire garrote tight agains her neck.

She slows, still grinding, her juices flowing. Now her body is shutting down, she is shuttering and spasming slower and slower until finally, she is still.

No one had heard. He is in the clear. He needs to know her more intimately before he moves on.

He finds some tarp, spreads it out and drags her dead body onto it. He fucks her warm wet mouth for a while them movies on to her warm wet pussy. It feels so good hugging his throbbing cock. He trusts in and out, pounding her hard and changing positions a few times. Then he fucks her mouth some more, then goes back to fucking her until finally cumming all over her belly.

Satisfied, he gets up, grabs her shotgun and exits through the door she was guarding–leaving her sprawled out and dead.

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