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GHKP-68 Angel Wing HQ

author: GIGA category: JAV, JAV HD, FHD, HQ, JAV HEROINE views: 2,908 source: 2
translator: NO status: Completed pushier: hentaigod

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GHKP-68 Angel Wing HQ EP 1 - 03/02/2018

GHKP-68 Angel Wing HQ EP 2 - 03/02/2018

Story summary:
Moe Hazuki works as a maid under general Grona, one of the general of evil organization whose leader is Evil Mother. Her real identity is Angel Wing. Moe has sneaked into the organization to defeat Evil Mother who killed Moe’s father. Moe investigates Grona’s evil plan to prevent it by transforming Angel Wing although she is sometimes toyed her body. However, Angel Wing is caught in the general Grona’s trap and revealed her real identity. Grona is vaguely aware of Moe’s real identity and hardly shocked it. Grona tortures Moe, forced lesbian play, and insert enormous dick to her. Angel Wing screams out in the Grona’s castle. [BAD END]

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