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GTRL-50 THE TALE'S Vol.2 HQ EP 1 - 02/02/2018

Story summary:
Aera worries about her colleagues in December rain. Two strong fighters (They are one of the top Tales fighters) have already defeated by Vastinarve. “I’m almost useless because I can only use healing spells.” Aera is a fighter whose role is healing her colleagues. She can’t use any offensive spells. So, what can she do? However, she has no choice. A man named Luxor appears before Aera. “I’m interested in you,” says Luxor with sickly sweet voice. Tales Aphrodite is shot her shoulders and flamed. Aphrodite has X-shaped Restraint with high-voltage current torture, brain cell crush with barbed wire restriction, and many bullets shoot to her stomach. Luxor tells a shocking truth and it affects their battle. “I demolish you.” The word from Luxor is realized and… Come on Tales Aphrodite! The future of the planet rests on your shoulders!!! [DEAD END]

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