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GTRL-49 THE TALE'S Vol.1 HQ EP 1 - 31/01/2018

Story summary:
Tales Artemis/Kazuki Shiina is set up by Okina, a leader of the galaxy frontier (Vastinarve) research expedition. Sumire (Yuna Yamakawa) worries about Kazuki, because she is sent to the hospital by mentally ill. Sumire promises herself to fight against Okina again, although she has beaten Okina once before. Tales Valkyrie defeats a female type android and then Okina appears with uncanny face before her. Okina sets a dirty trap to deprive Valkyrie’s freedom and thoroughly tortures her. Valkyrie’s body screams out. She loses her consciousness, vomits to the floor, and falls to the ground. Tales Athena/Saki Koizumi saves Tales Valkyrie’s biggest pinch. However, Athena and Valkyrie are captured by Okina and crucified back to back with each other. Okina blows Athena off to another dimension with one finger. Tales Valkyrie is finally taken to another dimension and pierced her crotch with an arrow. Tales Valkyrie breaths feebly but Okina pees to her face relentlessly. Valkyrie’s mind is gradually frustrated… Trilogy of Tales is critically released now! [DEAD END]

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