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GHKP-62 Dr. Slayer HQ

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GHKP-62 Dr. Slayer HQ EP 1 - 29/01/2018

GHKP-62 Dr. Slayer HQ EP 2 - 29/01/2018

Story summary:
Haruka Ijuin is a female doctor as usual, but she becomes a justice fighter Dr. Slayer when she fights with monsters or evil virus. She meets an idol Ryoko Katsuragi who is invaded by Libra Virus. If Libra Virus is developed, it has a power to defeat monsters or reinforce monsters. Ryoko is attacked by monsters but Dr. Slayer saves her using Counter Attack, technique to change pain into energy. Dr. Slayer gains the trust of Ryoko and starts to protect her. However, the boss of monster Jerg also targets Ryoko. Jerg tortures Ryoko and changes Libra Virus into evil power. Jerg uses the evil power to attack Dr. Slayer and tries to destroy her mind and body. [BAD END]

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