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GHKP-45 IKU HQ EP 1 - 07/12/2017

GHKP-45 IKU HQ EP 2 - 07/12/2017

Story summary:

Iku (Gynoid Orifa/E-19) was developed based on female body. When Iku join the battle between Human Army and Salvation Army, the battle become more severe. Iku is surrounded by enormous soldiers. She splendidly swings her sword and dashes across in the battlefield, but finally she is captured. Iku is taken before Orga, a leader of Human Army, and removed her control unit to become a nonresistant doll. It was easy to destroy Iku, but Orga thinks that he utilizes Iku for soldiers who are forced abstinence during the long war. He has an idea for Iku to become a sexual slave. [BAD END]

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