News story: GEXP-09 Superheroine Domination Hell – Female Combatant Ninja HQ

GEXP-09 Superheroine Domination Hell – Female Combatant Ninja HQ

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GEXP-09 Superheroine Domination Hell - Female Combatant Ninja HQ EP 1 - 13/08/2017

Story summary:

(Episode 1) The evil organization named the Acula(means evil scheme) shows a certain picture to women, who have voluntarily applied for the Acula and also once have trained in the assassin’s organization. In the picture, they can see the righteous fighting unit named the Auraman. Giloog orders them to beat the hateful enemy, the Auraman, and provides their combatant uniform to them. And they become the female combatants but are beaten by the Auraman one after another… (Episode 2) The Female combatants are again fighting against the Auraman. But some of them have a dread of the Auraman and run away from the battle. Giloog doesn’t overlook it―many female combatants has been knocked, kicked and given a fling and skewered…but even if the female combatants are punished like these, they appear one after another one day then they are punished again. The female combatants have little dreaming that the Acula knows they ran away from the battle, and they are constantly training themselves. Then, Giloog appears there. Giloog shows the evidence that the female combatants ran away and intends to execute them, but after Giloog looks at the frightening female combatants, ordering them to fight against the tentacle monster if they won’t die! The tentacle monster squeezes necks and bellies of the female combatants, and whips them over and over with the tentacle, and beats the shit out of them. However, the female combatants somehow succeed in beating the tentacle monster. But they are not allowed by only that deed, and the next order is to beat Giloog. ’If you won’t die, show me that you’re strong enough to be our military power’, Giloog shouts and attacks the female combatants. These girls challenge Giloog to a fight but they are beyond Giloog’s strength and with shout of pain like ’keeee,eeee’, they are completely beaten. After Giloog leaves there, only sad miserable female combatants with chewed-up figures are only there. (Episode 3) In the Auraman’s mind, the righteous heroine named the Blue-Storm has gone by. The Blue-Storm is a righteous female ninja fighter but she’s been missing, so that the Auraman has been looking for. Actually, the Blue-Storm sneaked into the Acula’s secret base after getting the information, but she’s entrapped by Giloog and was captured. After the severe torture, the Blue-Storm has become their female combatant but the heart hasn’t become a member of the Acula so that she has been receiving brutal punishment from her fellow female combatants. After the intense brutal punishment, the female combatant B, alias the Blue-Storm becomes tattering at last. But the female combatant B in the ultimate state hears a voice. ’The only way you can survive is to kill your fellow female combatants’ she hears, and suddenly she becomes free from the surrounding combatants, approaching the female combatants who have participated in the brutal punishment. These female combatants beg for their lives beyond the power of the female combatant B but they’re completely terminated. However, Giloog appears there with laughs and says to the female combatant B, ’You killed the fellows who begged for their lives, so that you will never return to the allay of justice any longer and the only way you can live is being a member of our evil organization, the Acula from now on.’ The Blue-Storm despairs deeply but she has to obey the sad destiny… [BAD END]

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