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AZGB-18 Burnout W Vol.2 HQ

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AZGB-18 Burnout W Vol.2 HQ Episode 1 - 07/04/2017

Story summary:

Mei is abducted from the hospital and is interrogated by Kasumi the lone terrorist, who wants to know where the new-type cell researcher Mako is hiding. Mei is tortured with needles stuck all over her body, but Mei, a professional bodyguard, would not talk. That is when Jin arrives, who has just escaped from the prison. Kasumi instantly senses cold and intimidating Jin is a formidable fighter, but she has to deal with this new menace to her plans. Kasumi attacks Jin and while two great fighters engage in a fierce battle, Mei manages to escape with Rio and they plan to save Mako again. This is the climax of the tale of super hard-boiled action drama of the new millennium, where the fighters ? Team Garuda, Silver Fang, Kasumi and Jin ? stand and fight for what they believe in!! When the fight is over, what will these burnt-out souls see?

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